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Where to Buy Retin-A?

Information below summarizes conditions, when Retin-A is applied, mentions its key ingredients and qualities, and examines its side effects as well as important precautions for everyone.

Drug Name:

Retin-A (Tretinoin)

Tablet Strength: 20gm
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Where to Buy Retin-A?

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Appropriate Dosage and Application of Retin-A

It is crucial to administer Retin-A precisely as per prescription from healthcare professional. The entire list of instructions from prescription are to be followed without any deviations. Do not alter the dosage of Retin-A, its administration regularity or treatment duration. Administration of Retin-A with increased dosage or higher frequency comparing to prescription leaflet, won’t cause the medication to act quicker, and may meaningfully increase the likelihood of side effects to appear.
Retin-A is not suitable to be administered orally, since it is designed for skin application only. Retin-A is not suitable for application on open wounds as well as irritated, windburned, chapped, dry or sunburned skin.
Hands are required to be washed carefully before and after application of Retin-A. After application, the skin should be washed with a mild sort of soap and moderately dried. Provide at least 20 – 30 minutes before Retin-A application, because it is crucial for skin to remain fully dry with the intention of avoiding any irritation. The treated area should not be washed during 1 hour period after Retin-A application. Avoid application of other skin products onto Retin-A treated skin zone during 1 hour.

Possible Side Effects and Crucial Precautions

Prompt medical aid is necessary whenever patient experiences any symptoms of allergic reactions to Retin-A or its other active ingredients: hives, breathing problems, swelling of throat, lips, face, tongue. Discontinue application of Retin-A and contact your physician for instant help, if you experience:

  • acute swelling, redness, crusting, blistering, or peeling of treated skin zone;
  • acute irritation, burning, or stinging of treated skin zone.
    • Your skin may exhibit amplified sensitivity to any abrupt weather changes, like reduced temperatures and wind, during treatment with Retin-A. Most commonly detected side effects during Retin-A treatment:

      • minor stinging or warmth of zone treated with Retin-A;
      • fluctuations of skin color of treated zone.

      Retin-A should be stored in a dry location, isolated from heat, reach of children and direct sunlight. All drugs exceeding the expiry date are to be disposed.

      Summarizing Overview of Retin-A 20gm

      Retin-A (also referred to as Tretinoin) originates from a vitamin A group, which assists in skin regeneration. Retin-A as well as Avita represent brand names of Tretinoin, whose main purpose is acne treatment. Renova represents a brand name of Tretinoin and is applied for minimization of mottled skin discoloration and fine category of wrinkles, and also smoothens rough type of facial skin. Retin-A is utilized for topical application in treatment of acne vulgaris.